Alibaba Founder Jack Ma's Name Removed From List Of China's Biggest Entrepreneurs

Alibaba Founder Jack Ma's Name Removed From List Of China's Biggest Entrepreneurs


Alibaba founder Jack Ma has been removed from the list of China's biggest entrepreneurs. Although there has been no official statement on the matter, it is believed that the Beijing Administration has crossed Jack Ma's head. According to industry sources, this is the footsteps of larger events.

The business community has been talking about Alibaba founder Jack Ma for some time. This is because Ma, one of China's biggest business people, has a falling out with the Beijing Administration. And Jack Ma, who oddly likes to be involved with the press, hasn't been around for months. According to some conspiracy theorists, a video of Ma, who may even have been killed, appeared some time ago, did not satisfy many. A wide range of our readers, including our readers, believe that the images in question may have been created using software technologies.

While the confusion about Jack Ma continues, There has been an interesting development in China. Ma was strangely excluded from the list, which includes the country's biggest entrepreneurs. This was interpreted as the clearest indication of tensions between Beijing and Ma. In fact, there is a justified side to the idea that this decision is political. Because companies owned by Ma began to lose value after the disappearance of their founders. But even those declines have not led to Ma being removed from the list in question. It seems that the Chinese government has crossed out Ma's name.

The cauldron continues to boil

China is ruled by a harsh dictate regime. In addition, the state of transparency in the administration of the country is open to debate. Here is Jack Ma, in a country with such an understanding of governance, criticizing state-owned banks, and then disappearing. Ma's comments, the Communist Party perceived as an insult towards MA and Ma-owned companies made prints, and even on the events Alibaba and other technology companies for a large-scale investigation was launched. To say that all these events are connected to each other would not be much more dreamy.

Industry sources say events may not be limited to that. The fact that the Beijing Administration has overtaken Ma could lead to bigger events in the process. After all, e-commerce platforms such as Alibaba and Aliexpress are among the largest in the world. In addition, the growing development of technology companies and the fact that a large part of the Chinese economy is rotating through several companies are also disturbing the Beijing government. We will all see what happens in China in the coming period...

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