Would you feel comfortable in a driverless car?


71% of drivers give the driverless vehicle the green light!

According to a survey of car users in 17 countries, including Turkey, the United States, Australia, as well as various European countries, 7 out of 10 drivers (71%) want to ride a driverless car. While the majority of these drivers (57%) agree they will feel a slight strain, they state they will surely try it. 14% of those surveyed specifically emphasised that they would feel completely comfortable in a driverless vehicle. 59 per cent of respondents from Turkey responded that ‘I would feel nervous but I would try‘ about driverless cars.

Men are relaxed, women are nervous!

Research results show that men are more than twice as likely (15%) to feel comfortable in a driverless car than women (7%). However, according to the research results, there was no significant difference between the levels of comfort in a driverless car of different age groups and it was revealed that drivers over the age of 55 were as comfortable in boarding a driverless car as those under the age of 34.