The response, unfortunately, will not please users.


Jack Dorsey, co-founder of Twitter, one of today's most popular social media apps, also answered the question about the tweet Editing button in a question-and-Answer video. The response, unfortunately, will not please users.

One of today's most popular social media platforms is Twitter, and many Twitter users have been waiting for years for site management: the tweet Editing button. It seems Twitter won't get that feature. “We probably never will,” Twitter founder and CEO Jack Dorsey said in response to a question about the issue.

Actually, we have to say that Dorsey is ambivalent about this. “There is definitely a need for some kind of regulation,” Dorsey said in a statement in 2016. In March, he said how such an option might work, but Dorsey completely closed the doors to that feature in Wired's question and Answer video.

Dorsey cited the company's origin as being an SMS-like service as the reason for the rejection of the Edit button. Dorsey said: "when you send a message you can't get it back. We want to preserve this air, this feeling in the early days,” he said. one of the biggest problems facing social media platforms like witter is the spread of misinformation and an edit button, which could complicate the issue further. “You can send a tweet and someone can retweet it, " Dorsey said on this topic. After an hour you can completely change the context of this tweet. The person who retweeted the original tweet would have spread and retweeted something else entirely, " he said.